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Some ask “why is Natalie Nunn the most talked about/ popular reality star from Bad Girls Club...?” … LOL “is it because she starts drama? Is it because she hooks up with celebrities etc?”

My answers to your questions:

“No its not the drama and lets be honest who hasn’t hooked up with these “celebrities” why are they not talked about?” Come on I know you guys see past that let me explain to you what it really is!! Its called “WORK ETHIC” here’s the secret! Some people have it some people don’t, but most who are successful in anything have that little thing called “work ethic” –Miss Natalie Nunn

When it comes to putting in “hard work” in any field that you work in you will have the satisfaction of knowing you’ve been working hard and in time it will pay off. You might put in “hard work” for years until you see the outcome of your work!

For example: I use to hate going to my college classes at 8am after having weight lifting for the women of Troy (USC) soccer team at 6am until 7:30am then from the weight room to the locker room with 30 mines to shower and get to class! But all my communication classes were focused on television broadcasting and entertainment industry! 6 years later since I was a freshman “GRINDING” at USC my dreams are coming true as a TV personality star/ educated hard working “BAD GIRL”.

It’s not just the luck of the pie that I’ve become such a successful reality TV star and soon many more avenues that are coming such as (book, radio personality, recorded artist, and more TV shows). The hard work started back in high school when I had dreams of getting to LA and going to my dream school USC. But, coming from a family that was not wealthy (USC 50K A YEAR) and my mother was a single parent who worked 2 jobs to make sure my brother and I were taken care of I had 1 gift that I knew God had given me to get me to USC. That was the athletic ability to be 1 of the best in soccer and track in the country. I had to put work in the classroom and after school sports to become 1 of the best in the country to get to a PAC 10 division 1 school like USC. The hard work started when I set the goal… USC or nothing at all!

2 years at St. Francis High school 1 of the most prestigious college prep high schools known for education and top athletes in northern California “bay area”, I found my bad girl ways getting me in trouble with all the strict rules I was in after school detention every other day and one fight that put me on a semester of probation at the school… I decided this isn’t going to work for me. I transferred to Aragon High School public school more lenient were I cracked down on myself to stay focused and go hard for this dream USC.

By my junior year I was getting letters from every college in the country… everyone wanted me except, still NO letter from my dream school USC… Even though my brother was a starting corner DB at USC I told him, “ DON’T U DARE TELL THE SOCCER COACH ANYTHING… I GOT THIS… NO ONES GONNA HAND ME ANYTHING!”

By the end of my fall season at Aragon I got a letter from my high school coach that said “ Coach Millender from USC will be at the game vs. Burlingame high school, he is coming not a recruiter.” I couldn’t believe it! I knew I had to impress him and play the best game of my life! I had 3 weeks… weight room… 2 hrs every day shooting balls at the goal after already a 2 hr practice, and 1,000 sit ups/crunches before bed every night!

Game day came and there was no time for excuses… 3 goals, 2 assists not to mention a goal off a corner kick… aka (BANANA kick). Aragon beat Burlingame in the 7pm night game and I was contacted the next day by telephone from coach Millender to use one out of my 3 official visits to come down to USC and see the campus and soccer program! I nearly was in tears with my mom! I took my visit in the spring of that year and was offered a full ride to USC! Coach Millender did tell me “ Nat its not going to be easy, you need to put a lot of work in your senior year your ball stills need to be at 100 percent your at about 70, Pac 10 division 1 is made for someone like you with speed but you need to work on ball control.” I told coach Millender “ I will do anything for this opportunity, I will literally sleep next to my soccer ball every night.”

By the time I had to report to USC for soccer I was in great shape running a 5min 45 sec mile … vertical jump 46’, 40 dash 4.8, and maxing in the weight room one rep squat 400pds. But the workload and soccer schedule was one of the hardest things to manage ever in my life. After putting 6 hrs at practice and 6 am weight lifting and about 8 hours of schoolwork load, I was losing my mind! But about a year of getting use to the time managing schedule I was able to learn how to grind and get it done!

Now the class room as a communication/sociology major I had a personality out of this world! (SO everyone would tell me)! I started to think this women’s soccer isn’t going to be forever the money in the USA for women’s soccer really is it worth it? Man I started second guessing that dream of a professional soccer player! But seeing that I’m here already at this major university I want to focus on the communication (broadcast entertainment industry classes) but my soccer schedule limited my availability for some of the required classes for the major! Now it came down to a decision another dream (TV PERSONALITY) and leave soccer behind or stay with soccer? By my junior year I went up to coach Millender and asked him if we could have a meeting, were I told him my thoughts. He was disappointed but told me I should talk to the athletic director “MIKE GARRET”. I walked into his office and told him due to the soccer schedule I cant take the classes for my major (radio, on screen broadcasting, Pr, communication marketing) I want to take my opportunity here at USC to study what I want to make a profession when this is over! He said, “ Natalie your crazy, no I cant let you do this.” I said, “ YES… I know this is what I want to do and I need to be focused and put in all the time I put in on the soccer field, to be the best TV personality/communication/radio etc.”

After long days of missing soccer I soon moved forward and went hard in my communication field at USC and found myself knocking out my classes with A’s and B’s! My long hour of learning how to conduct radio interviews, stats class on numbers (entertainment industry required a stats class) because we all know everything’s a numbers game (ratings, record sales) etc! Speaking in front of the camera, learning to report live in sports, and entertainment red carpets. I took acting classes in the drama program at USC were I had to read monologues and act scenes out in front of the entire drama dept. I felt good about my decision, when my senior year came and I walked across the stage and got my degree from USC in communication/sociology I knew I was going to put it to work.

Now how does this tie in with my TV personality? Well one way, when you watch a reality TV show and you see when the person is talking to America that’s called (interview day) and if you ask Buin- Murray they will tell you Natalie is one of the best we have ever worked with! She brings her personality to life and has the best bites! The average reality star on a one-day interview day takes about 3 hours recapping the week and events! It takes me about 45mins to an hour yes I said it 1 hour to recap a week with some of the best sound bites and still being extremely entertaining with the most to talk about because I was involved in a lot during that week!

I’m not here to toot my own horn … I here to motivate my audience and people who are paying attention which for some reason I got your attention! Its not a coincidence your paying attention! You know a successful hard worker when you see one! I just wanted to write this blog to help push you to WORK HARD or if your work hard even HARDER… and it takes time for your hard work to pay off! But once it does you know how hard it was to get there and it becomes apart of your “work ethic” naturally to just keep grinding and make things POP!

So lets do this… who's ready to grind and put that work in? I know you are … matter a fact I’m on the plane right now been up since 4am to get to the airport and host this party in Augusta, Ga! But I went to bed at 10pm last night … and I just have that mentality to grind and write this for you!

LOVE YOU and for those who put in that hard work already! KEEP IT UP… I’ll see you at the top muahh I LOVE YOU ALL!


Rudy said...

i love you natalie (:

February 8, 2011 at 12:42 PM
Tyler said...

this helped me get motivated but it also helped me procrastinate by reading this. lol but i loved every part of it. keep it up??

February 8, 2011 at 1:24 PM
Talkin Tanya said...

You have no degree from what Im told by your old USC schoolmates. Furthermore, if the subject matter here was following your dream....and your dream was seems that goal was not accomplished. Oh that's right...that wasn;t enough money for you! But bumpin n grindin with every tom dick and wiz makes that $$ for ya so you go gurl! Anyway, I'll still watch you on TV becuz you're a laughin at you (not with you) sorta way. And BTW you run LA from are from the outta here!

February 8, 2011 at 1:48 PM
Cassi-Marie said...

This is very inspirational. It's amazing how people underestimate you because of your bad girl ways, and don't take out the time to know where your heart. Although I haven't yet completed college, a lot of your life story and who you are reminds me of myself. I have a lot if hates until they actually know my heart. Keep doing you Nat because God has a special plan for people like you and I.

February 8, 2011 at 1:57 PM
tkopa said...

Loved the note! I'm studying to become a Pharmacist;so I can co-sign on everything that she touched upon. Thx Nat!

February 8, 2011 at 2:10 PM
aarion said...

You're so appreciated for writing this! Thanks nat. You've officially inspired me. Im 17 right now and about to start college soon.. About to start life! You've been my idol for a long time now. Im even more motivated to be a hard worker now. Thanks, love you,

@Aarihanna <3

February 8, 2011 at 6:31 PM
Your Highness said...

I really like that Natalie is touting education so much. This is what more celebrities and other people with young fan bases need to be doing. That being said, for all that talk about education and getting the degree, she sure had a lot of grammar mistakes.

February 9, 2011 at 9:50 PM

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